Iniqua is a dark themed Bar located in Zodiark - the Goblet - Ward 6 Plot 15. Open on Saturdays at 21:15 ST.

What We Do

We are a Bar with a gothic touch where you can dance, chat and drink. Come in your darkest attire and dance the night away! We have dancers to make you loose up a little. Maybe invite them to dance with you.

The Dancers

Our dancers Narukai, Na'ane, Naoh'a and Kaine are a treat for the eye


Drinks:((It's RP Gil so you don't need to pay but if you want to give someone a tip feel free to do so))-Cocktails- (100 Gil)
- Bloody Kiss
(something strong with a deep red color)
- Dark Lilies
(sweet and sparkly on the tounge)
- Old Fashioned
(Bourbon and Orange...simple but good)
- Panther claws
(Whiskey with citrus extract...nothing for weak nerves)
- Innocent touch
(Vodka with Blackberry's)
- "Mystery"
(Let the Bartender do what they want and see what you get...something sweet or something never know...)
- Witch tears
(Strawberry's with vanilla and a sweet taste of alcohol)
- Caramell (20 Gil)
- Bloodberry Cake (50 Gil)
- Honey Muffin (50 Gil)

The Bartender and owner of "Iniqua" Gadriel Nephilim.

Our second bartender Vivian Imbertain ♡

- keep NSFW to party chat
- put your minions and weapons into your pockets ;)