Iniqua is a dark themed Bar located in the Zodiark Lavender Beds, ward 23, apartment 8 (Lily Hills). Open on Saturdays at 20:15 ST.

What We Do

We are a Bar with a gothic touch where you can dance, chat and drink. Come in your darkest attire and dance the night away! We have dancers to make you loose up a little. Maybe invite them to dance with you.

The Dancer

Our dancer Narukai is a treat for the eye



((It's RP Gil so you don't need to pay but if you want to give someone a tip feel free to do so))

-Cocktails- (100 Gil)
Bloody Kiss(something strong with a deep red color)

Dark Lilies(sweet and sparkly on the tounge)

Old Fashioned(Bourbon and Orange...simple but good)

Panther claws(Whiskey with citrus extract...nothing for weak nerves)

Innocent touch(Vodka with Blackberry's)

"Mystery"(Let the Bartender do what they want and see what you get...something sweet or something never know...)

Witch tears(Strawberry's with vanilla and a sweet taste of alcohol)

Caramell (20 Gil)Bloodberry Cake (50 Gil)Honey Muffin (50 Gil)

The Bartender and owner of "Iniqua" Gadriel Nephilim.